Your A.I. Recruiting Assistant

Instantly engage candidates at scale with meaningful conversation throughout the end-to-end recruiting lifecycle.

Mya liberates your recruiting team

Mya supports the most time-consuming aspects of the recruiting process, empowering recruiters to refocus their efforts on value-added activities.

Mya has already produced
great results for our customers

info_outline Average across Mya customers, with a sample size of over 100,000 candidates

Powered by machine learning and evolves with practice

Mya is trained to understand natural speech and respond with intent. Mya's knowledge base grows as the variety of experiences with candidates increases.

  • Mya uses Natural Language Understanding to pick up on details that come up in conversation

    The NLP module consists of a deep learning based multiple intent classifier, named entity extraction and sentence semantic analysis.

    This allows Mya to find meaningful information from the candidate's responses.

    entity matches:




  • Mya uses Dialog Management to dynamically shift the direction of the conversation

    At each point in the conversation, Mya processes the current state, understands context, action and result.

    Based off the candidates answer, she will evaluate relevancy to the position's requirements and determine how to proceed.




  • Mya employs Natural Language Generation to engage candidates with familiar conversation

    Mya uses a realization engine to generate text from a syntactic representation.

    This is used to translate a set of abstract values into a real sentence to inform a candidate or to ask more information from them.

    • time=2017-04-30T10:00:00+01:00

    • location=”122 6th st., San Francisco, CA”

    Great, I have you scheduled for 10 AM on April 30, 2017 at 122 6th st., San Francisco, CA.

Mya augments your current system

Easily embed Mya directly into your current career site and application flow and update directly in your ATS using our RESTful API.

Careers Site
  • Careers Site

    Supplement your current pre or post-application workflow with Mya.

  • ATS

    Update candidate profile changes and view Mya conversations directly from your dashboard, or within your ATS

  • Calendar

    Mya schedules qualified candidates directly to recruiters' calendars, manages reschedules and cancellations and pushes updates directly to the calendar

She is the vision of frictionless recruiting at scale

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